When Artistic Challenges Require Fresh Approaches

Posted by Jorge Mijares on Feb 22, 2017 10:28:55 AM
Jorge Mijares

Jorge Mijares was recently promoted to the position of Hargrove’s new Director of Creative Services. Only with the company since the summer of 2016, Jorge has already made a huge impact on his colleagues and here offers a glimpse into his design inspirations.


Even though my degree and early career opportunities were in architecture, I’m really passionate about all different kinds of design and artistic expressions. To have the opportunity to travel around to so many countries and continents in my life, observing local artists firsthand and seeing what’s new and trending in different artistic circles, keeps my mind open. I try to push myself to be adaptive and challenge myself to rethink design issues when they arise. I have had many different design inspirations - partially because I have lived and worked in so many different places around the globe.

I’ve experienced different European cultures; I’ve lived in Latin America. I’ve been fortunate to work with the most creative people in those places for over 17 years, and they’ve each taught me that there are infinite approaches and solutions to the same design challenge. The hardest part is working through the issue at hand and remaining focused on developing a solution that is unique, while still being functional and true to the original creative inspiration. There must be a permanent balance between functionality and aesthetics. When I approach a project, I develop the concept with the intention of establishing the shapes and decor and creating a beautiful setting as my top priority, but at the same time these spaces must generate an experience. A beautiful space without function is meaningless. If that balance is clear, the project will be unique.

The architect Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe said, “Music is liquid architecture; Architecture is frozen music.” And not just in architecture but every well designed space must have at least a verse of frozen music, with rhythm, melody, harmony, and tempo. The designer must transmit that music echoing in his/her mind to the public in order to truly be successful.

Coming to Hargrove lets me take my love of art and architecture and bring it to a new world where we design environments that are immersive, creative and memorable - at least when it all works right. Being surrounded by so many creative people who all have special skill sets, lets me collaborate in a whole new way, bringing my love for innovation to my colleagues and the American market.  The intersection of art, architecture and interior design excites me. Surfing websites like Yellowtracer and Coolhunter helps me be inspired. When I am creating environments for my clients I pull on these voyeuristic moments and get to see them realized - and that’s really exciting for me personally.

In my new role I aim to share my passion for design and expertise with my team and keep pushing ourselves. Jean Nouvel once said, “Each new situation requires a new architecture.” I would dare to add that each new artistic challenge requires its own artistic approach - a challenge I am excited to pursue.

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