The Show Is Over - Now What?

Posted by Robb Clawson on Jan 13, 2016 4:35:57 PM
Robb Clawson

You spent weeks planning and preparing to exhibit at the trade show, and now the show has come and gone. You successfully made it through the planning, installation, show open hours, receptions, parties and dismantle – your work is now complete, right? Actually, there are plenty of post-show activities you need to conduct. Here are some of our top post-show action item suggestions:

  • Schedule a post-show meeting. These can often be forgotten about as your staff hurries along to the next job’s tasks, but these post-show meetings can be extremely valuable. Gather everyone involved in the exhibit together to discuss the wins, the challenges and what changes should be made for the next show. Did the booth layout work well? How were the giveaways and raffle prizes received? Was there enough pre-show marketing to produce the desired number of leads? These are all questions that should be explored soon after you exhibit! Once the meeting is complete, compile your findings into an after-action review document which will help you guide your planning for your next show.

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  • Review the lead lists. This may be the most important step to take after exhibiting at a show. Review all your collected business cards, written lead contacts and contacts from the lead retrieval system if one was used. Prioritize these leads, allocate them to various levels of importance and assign them to a sales person. Determine next steps for contacting and following-up with these leads, and do so quickly before the leads turn too cold. A good rule of thumb is to touch base with them within two weeks—any longer and you risk losing the impact of meeting them at the show.
  • Mail post-show items. This ties closely with determining next steps for contacting leads. If you decide to have a raffle in your exhibit, consider mailing the prizes to your winners after the show is over. This is an easy way to keep the conversations flowing post-show. You can also mail postcards to all those who visited your booth thanking them for stopping by and sharing additional information about your product or company. Here is where notes taken on the show floor come in handy. If you can personalize the post show message with a brief comment alluding to your discussions in the booth, you have demonstrated your interest and that they are important to you.
  • Post to social media. Create a Facebook album of photos taken at the show, and be sure to tag any relevant partners, attendees, venues, etc., and use the show’s hashtag in all posts. If you award raffle prizes (whether during or after the show), give shout outs to your winners! You should also tag your vendors on Facebook and Twitter thanking them for another successful show. Giving kudos is a great way to receive some in return!

Post-show activities are just as important as the pre-event marketing and on-site experiences! Use the excitement and momentum from the show to help strengthen current relationships and garner new clients!

Have additional post-show activities that should be added to our list? Comment below!

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