Shipping and Material Handling FAQs

Posted by Vanessa Schley on Oct 28, 2015 4:42:15 PM
Vanessa Schley

 Shipping and material handling services often confuse both new and experienced exhibitors. To help alleviate some confusion, the Hargrove team has gathered the most frequently asked questions below:

What is the difference between shipping and material handling?
Shipping is the transport of your exhibit material (freight) to the advance warehouse or event venue by means of a carrier of your choice.

Material handling, also referred to as drayage, is the movement of your freight from the carrier to your booth space on the show floor and then back to the carrier. Material handling includes:

  • Unloading your materials from your carrier
  • Storing your materials at our warehouse if necessary
  • Delivering your materials to your booth space
  • Handling your empty containers to and from storage
  • Removing your materials from your booth space for reloading onto your carrier

Print your shipping labels at Hargrove's Exhibitor Service Desks!

Does material handling include the cost for me to ship my exhibit material?
No. Shipping and material handling costs are two separate expenses.

How much will my shipping cost?
A number of variables affect your shipping costs, including distance, weight and how fast your freight needs to be delivered.

How much will be material handling cost?
Material handling costs are computed based on the weight of your materials rounded up to the next hundred pounds (CWT) and charged according to the rates published in your Exhibitor Services Manual.

*Helpful hint: Check your show schedule carefully to determine when overtime charges may apply!

What company should I use for shipping?
When Hargrove is the general services contractor on a trade show, we welcome the opportunity to ship your exhibit materials, but you may choose any shipping company you would like. However, we don’t recommend FedEx, UPS, DHL or similar small package services, as those companies have an entirely different set of procedures to get packages from point A to point B.

What company should I use for material handling?
Hargrove, or your show's general services contractor, is the exclusive provider of material handling.

May I carry my own materials into the building without using the material handling service?
In most cases, an exhibitor may carry in only those materials that can be hand-carried in one trip without the use of the loading dock or hand truck. However, the rules differ from city to city, so be sure to refer to the union jurisdictions in your Exhibitor Services Manual.

How should I label my materials for shipping to the show?
Your label should indicate the following information:

Your company name
c/o Hargrove, Inc. (or your show's general services contractor)
Show site warehouse shipping address
Name of show
Your booth space number
Piece ___ of ___

The show site warehouse shipping address is provided on the General Information Form enclosed in your Exhibitor Services Manual.

How do I ship my exhibit materials at the close of the show?
You should complete the following three steps for shipping your exhibit materials at the close of the show:

  • Contact your carrier to arrange the pickup of your exhibit materials. We recommend you arrange your inbound and outbound shipping at the same time well before the start of the show.
  • Once the show is closed, pack and label your exhibit materials with the blank shipping labels available at the Hargrove Service Desk.
  • Complete the Hargrove Material Handling Agreement form for each destination, which provides Hargrove or your show's general services contractor essential information about your shipment(s). These forms will be delivered to your booth on the last day of the show, or they are available at the Hargrove Service Desk, which is where the completed forms should be returned.

We hope these nine most frequently asked questions about shipping and material handling help clarify the two important services!

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