Helpful (and Hurtful) Uses of Technology in Exhibits & Events

Posted by Nathalie Nelson on Oct 7, 2016 2:02:05 PM
Nathalie Nelson

Following our first blog post inspired by the SEGD Exhibition and Experience Conference, we’re back to offer you more tips on exhibit design and methods of attendee engagement. For this post, Nathalie developed tips focusing on the use of technology, both in your exhibit or event space and to start conversation.

Technology should not be used for technology-sake.

Screen fatigue is everywhere. It’s no longer (or arguably never was) enough to incorporate screens or the latest technology “just because.” The appropriate method for delivering your content and messages needs to be evaluated based on its appropriate visual or interactive medium. Use technology when it’s truly the BEST solution. As a tip, when deciding if technology fits your brand, your story and your objectives, ask yourself these two questions:

  • What does the technology add that is not already there?
  • What makes the interactive meaningful vs. mindless?

Nathalie snaps a photo during one of the SEGD sessions!

Use technology to start the conversation.

At the SEGD conference, it was refreshing to hear many representatives from top brands and institutions agree that we should embrace social media and encourage truly organic conversations and interactions. Starting the conversation with your audience not only allows them to do what they will already do – post, tweet, link, comment – but it also allows a brand to guide the audience in ways they would like to be interacted with. Let your audience make a personal connection with your brand and let their individual voices be heard!

What are your thoughts on beneficial ways to incorproate technology in your exhibit or event? Comment below!

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