Four Cost-Saving Tips to Reuse Your Exhibit

Posted by Caitlin Samples on May 26, 2016 1:02:36 PM

Attending a trade show is an exciting and important investment for an organization. Especially if you have a booth year after year - themes change, logos change and locations change. That’s why it’s important to find new approaches to booth design and fabrication that can help save time and money. We work closely with companies and event representatives to create booths that can be used for years to come without losing any spark. Here are four easy ways you can keep your booth fresh, without breaking the bank:

  • Keep Things Flexible: Invest in a booth that can be reconfigured to fit multiple different booth spaces. For example, use materials that can be added and taken away from the space without making the booth look unfinished or too cluttered. Make sure to have features that can be used for a variety of events.
Trump Hotel exhibit at Interntaional Pow Wow, Chicago 2014
  • Be Light as a Feather: Consider the overall weight of your booth during the initial design process. Try to use lightweight materials or and easily disabled booth design when customizing your booth. A lightweight booth will minimize fuel when shipping or traveling from event to event. 
  • Stay Current: Keep yourself up to speed on innovations happening in the industry. Consider either buying or renting a monitor or an iPad to display photos of your work, video clips or company themes that may change with different events rather than having printed panels reprinted multiple times throughout the year.
  • Plan Ahead: The vendor community is inundated with last minute planning and would jump at the chance to work with a sensible timeline and offer a reasonable discount. Try asking your vendors for a discount if you get them all information 30 days out.

These tips will not only help save money but also be worry-free, all while creating a refreshing and engaging experience for visitors at your booth.  

Do you have any additional tips for reusing and recycling exhibits? Comment below!

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